OH! Do that VooDoo you do!


Ace 1/72 scale F-101B Voodoo

This model depicts F-101B Voodoo assigned to the first unit to employ the F-101B: the 60th Fighter Interceptor Squadron circa 1965.

This is the Ace 1/72 scale kit from Korea with instructions in Korean and absolutely no multilingual labeling. Clearly, it was intended for the domestic market. This is the same tooling as the Revell kit; it even has the Revell logo on the inside of the fuselage. 

I replaced the seats with True Detail resin ones, and dressed up the cockpit with an Airways photo-etch set.  The kit canopy actuator arm part was grossly out of scale, so I modified it using a straight pin.  The decals are from the SSI 72-307 sheet. The blue & white stripe/ bird decal started to come apart in the water despite several clear coats; I guess the clear coats keep them from completely shredding. Regardless, after I pieced them all back together, it doesn’t look quite right…..sigh.

  I painted it with Model Master enamels and used Alclad II for the bare metal areas and landing gear.    Since this A/C is the epitome of the Cold War struggle, I just had to mount the Genie nuclear rockets on the model.


Oh yeah, I sanded off the slime lights.  





  1. What Alclad colors did you use? I have an RF-101B in the stash and I really like the way your exhaust area turned out.

    1. IICR, I used duraluminum (ACL-102) in the long exhaust tube & added a little MM Metalizer Magnesium to darken the AB cans. I used powered graphite from a soft lead pencil to darken the various sections of the exhaust. Using a pointer sharpener, I made a pile of graphite powder then used took a bit of paper towel held in locking tweezers to rub on the powder. The more graphite you apply the darker AND shiner it gets. I varied the hue up & down the exhaust. That sounds much harder than it really. HTH!


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