F-4D Phantom II with LASER guided bombs

This Model depicts the F-4D Phantom II, number 69-7709 of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing stationed at Ubon Royal Thai AFB supporting the "Operation Linebacker" in May 1972. This aircraft led the first successful laser guided Bomb attack of the Linebacker campaign. The kit is the  Fujimi F-4D with the laser guided bombs, AN/ALQ-87 ECM pods and Pave Knife laser designator from the Hasegawa Weapons kits, and the decals came from Wolfpak decal sheet 72-015.   The kit was painted with Testors Model-Master enamels and weather with chalk pastels.



  1. Like I said on the 72nd Forum, this is a really cool looking build.

    In your opinion, is the Fujimi F-4 more fun to build than the Hasegawa kit? I know Hasegawa is more detailed, but its not an easy model. I only have a Fujimi Brit Phantom, so I'm curious how the early ones compare.

  2. Ralph, Sorry I didn't see your comment until today. I'm not sure if the Fujimi kits are more fun than the Hasegawa kits. They're not as "fiddley" as the Hasegawa kits. I think the Hasegawa kits has a bunch of parts that really don't add anything. The Hasegawa kits seem go to together a little better not as much seam filling. When completed and displayed together, it's hard tell one for the other. So, I'm just working through my stash.


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