Electronic Skyraiders: 5/27/19- Tactical retreat!

Skale Wings AD-5Ws 
Official U.S. Navy Photo
The Douglas Aircraft AD-5 Skyraider was a major redesign of the Skyraider attack plane. Previous multi-crew Skyraiders were based on the single place fuselage resulting in a cramped, uncomfortable crew station that was near impossible to escape from the in event of an emergency. Douglas Aircraft completely redesigned the fuselage to accommodate side-by-side seating and a spacious open layout behind the front seats. This plane was designated as the AD-5. With the DoD unified aircraft designation system in 1962, the AD-5 became the A-1E. This configuration proved so versatile that the airframe was adapted to several missions each with a mission designation. The major versions were: basic airframe was the AD-5 which could be configured for carrier onboard delivery, MEDIVAC and target towing; night attack was the AD-5N (EA-1G); electronic warfare was the AD-5Q (EA-1F), and a single ASW prototype as tested. The early warning AD-5W (EA-1E) carrie…

HEADS UP!! Red Bandit

Dragon 1/72nd scale Jian Ji5 (Chinese built MiG-17 Fresco) 

 This model depicts a Shenyang F-5 of the 923rd Fighter Regiment of the Vietnamese Peoples' Air Force in late 1965 as piloted by Ngo Duc Mia. He was credited with at least 3 confirmed kills. 
For this model, I finished it in Alclad lacquers and used the Eagle Strike decal sheet EP72066, "MiG-17 Fresco". This sheet was produced after Squadron Products bought  the "Eagle Strike"  decal line. 

 Here's the 2 principles of the air war in South East Asia. This is a good relative size comparison of the antagonists. 

Trivia fun: The Mig-17 weighed less in this 2 tank configuration than the internal fuel load of the F-4. One's a rapier, and the other 's a battle axe! 

Ref: Air War Over North Viet Nam by Istvan Toperczer, Squadron / Signal publications, Carrollton, Texas, USA, 1998.

A Seagull on the Mississippi

1/72nd Scale Hasegawa SOC-3 Seagull

This kit is one the first releases of this aircraft from the mid-'70s. The cockpit and engine need a little help, so I added:
* The Mark's Models & Toys Starfighter-Decals cockpit resin set 72-15 
* The Mark's Models & Toys E-Z Rigging set PE-08
* The Radial Wheels & Engines resin P&W-1340 Wasp engine 72-001

* And the period markings come the Yellow-Wings decal sheet 72-013 

The simple wood base and kit supplied placard was painted in Navy colors and the miniature gold wings set the "Fly NAVY!"  by the-seat-of-your-pants spirit to model display.  The figure is from the CMK US Navy Pilots WW2 pilot set -72115. Our intrepid hero* adds the scale reference. 


* "You came in that thing?! You're braver than I thought!",  Princess Leia

A SOC-3 Seagull embarked on USS Mississippi (BB-41): FINAL

The Hasegawa SOC-3 Seagull

In a departure from my usual post WWII aircraft interest, I decided to build a SOC-3 Seagull: one of the last bi-planes to serve in the US Navy and Marine Corps. I've had a passing interest in the SOC Seagull since my friend Bill Blackmore asked me to build two 1/96 scale resin Seagulls for his USS Nevada model way back in 2001.  You can read about the that here:  Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull.

 I decided to build the SOC Seagull in the yellow-wing scheme prevalent between the wars. I chose the USS Mississippi embarked aircraft because the Mississippi was my fathers first ship when he enlisted in 1950. By that time, however, it was re-designated as AG-128 and used as a test platform for new weapons and sensors. Yeah, it's a tenuous link.

Along with the Hasegawa kit, I bought the Yellow-Wings decal sheet 72-013, the Starfighter-Decals cockpit resin set 72-15 and the E-Z Rigging set PE-08, as well as the Radial Wheels & Engines resin P&W-1340 Wasp engi…