A BIG ol' can a whoop-ass!

 Fujimi 1/72 scale F-4E Phantom II

This is the F-4E (non slat wing) Fujimi kit built as F-4E-35-MC 67-308 of the 469th TFS/ 388th TFW in SEA camo scheme. Miss Betty Lou, here, was the mount of Wing Commander Col. A.K. MacDonald sporting the tail code: JV-308 circa 1969. The load out with fuse extenders & rocket pods is clearly for a close-air support or battlefield interdiction sortie. The Hasegawa weapons set I provided the "world of hurt" soon to come. (I'm sure you can think of more Vietnam era clichés). The decals are from the ancient Microscale sheet 72-112 USAF Vietnam Phantoms. Decals for AIM-7s are from the Hasegawa weapons set III.

Refs: 1.  D&S F-4 Phantom II, Part 2 USAF F-4E & F-4G by Bert Kinzey, Aero Publishers, Fallbrook CA USA 1982

2. USAF PHANTOMS in Combat by Lou Drendel, Squadron/Signal publications, Carrollton TX, USA 1987


  1. I love your Phantoms Richard.

    Del the Olde Farte.


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