Jungle Snake!

1/72nd scale Monogram  AH-1G  Cobra

Here is the old (I mean old) 1/72 Monogram kit. I added the cockpit using the Testor/Italeri AH-1T parts  & scratch built a few detail pieces.

That fit surprising well. The exhaust is brass tubing. I lengthen the main rotor to the correct span. 

Here it is compared to the Cobra* Company's main rotor replacement:

The SUU-11 miniguns are resin copies of a scratch built master. The decals are from Joseph Osborn's superb Fireball decals.  


I guess the Special Hobby kit has rendered this one obsolete (OK!, OK! this kit was obsolete decades age), but for many a budding model enthusiast coming of age in the early '70s, this kit is a nostalgic favorite.
* If I'm not mistaken, the owner of the Cobra Company retired, and closed up shop. Regardless of the reason, Cobra is no longer open. But! fear not my follow Tenex sniffers, Mike West  at  Lone Star Models  acquired the Cobra molds & is releasing those products.  


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