The Gray Ghosts go to sea

Hasegawa 1/72  F-4B/N Phantom II 

This model depicts the F-4N CAG plane of VMFA-531 embarked with CVW-14 onboard the USS Coral Sea during the Iranian Hostage crisis in’79-‘80. This is the 1/72 Hasegawa F-4B/N kit with an Eduard F-4B/N zoom set, True Details bang-seats, Hasegawa Weapons Set III, and decals from the Hasegawa CAG special issue. The missile decals are from the Hasegawa kit, Microscale stripes & Scale-Master sheet SM-39.  

  A big shout-out to Zone-5 members John B for all the deployment pictures and GW8345 for clearing up my confusion about the differences in the AIM-7E &F.


  1. Navy Phantoms have always been one of my favourite things. Nice model.


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